World wide there are several hardware interfaces available to connect an analog modem or other serial device using RS232 or RS485 to your Mac, iPhone, iPod or iPad.

For example: the NPort 5230 from Moxa Technologies Co., Ltd.

Be sure that your local IP-address is in the same range as the

NPort 5230.

How to make a serial device for RS232 or RS485 available via TCP/IP?

The NPort 5230 has two serial ports.

Port 1 is used for RS232 and Port 2 is used for RS422/485.

Set the Operation mode for Port 2 (RS422/485) to TCP server mode and set the Local TCP port to the portnumber you want to use in your application.

The Serial Settings depend on the configuration settings of your device.

In this example the interface is set for RS485 2 wire.

In this example the local IP-address is set to and the IP-address

of the NPort 5230 is set to (default

To configure the NPort 5230 for Port 2 (RS422/485), open the NPort Web Console with a  Webbrowser (e.g. Safari).

See the Quick Installation Guide for more information.